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Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Test with the Help of Exam Dumps

The Microsoft CertboltAZ-303 exam is one of two tests that the potential candidates must ace in order to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. Now, it may interest you to know that this is the most revered and desired certification path among the Cloud professionals. With this certificate, you can reach the peak of your career, work in your dream job role, and earn a highly attractive package. However, it is not so easy to obtain it. For this track, you need to take the MicrosoftCertboltAZ-304 exam as well.To complete these twoqualifying tests, you must adequately study and gain the relevant experience before you attempt them.

What Experience Do You Need to Take Microsoft AZ-303?

Beyond studying for this exam, the candidates need to gain some hands-on experience and skills. For a good start, they should have the expertise in the design and implementation of solutions running on Microsoft Azure. This means that they need the relevant competence in the compute, storage, network, and security sectors. Also, the individuals should possess the advanced knowledge and experience in the field of IT operations, such as networking, identity, security, virtualization, business continuity, data platform, disaster recovery, governance, and budgeting. They are also expected to have the expertise in the topics of the certification test.

Which Topics Are Covered in MicrosoftCertboltAZ-303 and What to Expect?

ThisMicrosoft exam covers four domains. It is of utmost importance that the applicants familiarize themselves with these topics and develop practical skills in them. Each areahasa certain percentage, which demonstrates the weight of questions that the candidates can expect to get from each of them. When preparing for the Microsoft Certbolt – AZ-303 test, it is critical to take note of this percentage, so you will know the parts to focus more attention on during preparation. The highlights of these sections are listed below:

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  • Implementing & monitoring Azure Infrastructure: 50-55%;
  • Implementing solutions for applications: 10-15%;
  • Implementing management & security solutions: 25-30%;
  • Managing & implementing data platforms: 10-15%.

During the delivery of the test, the candidates can expect an average of 40-60 multiple-choice questions. You can also face with the following types: fill-in-the-blank, build list, drag and drop, and case studies. The duration allowed for the completion is 180 minutes, including the seating time. You can schedule the exam in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. However, please note that you have to pay the registration fee of $165. To obtain the certification, the individuals must score at least 700 points out of 1000.

Which Preparation Tips Should You Follow?

Of course, it is not easy to score 700 points. Therefore, you must have adequate skills and knowledge of the exam topics to achieve this pass mark. To help you in your preparation and ensure success in the test, the following prep tips will be of a great help:

  • Review the exam objectives in detail and identify your weak areas;
  • Create a study plan for the MicrosoftCertbolt AZ-303 exam and stick to it;
  • Go through the official training course;
  • Spend significant time working through practice tests and exam dumps. You can find these useful toolson ExamLabs.com;
  • Have confidence in your test-taking abilities.


With the right study strategy and preparation resources, you can ace your MicrosoftCertbolt AZ-303 exam at the first attempt. The tips highlighted in this post will surely help you achieve your desired success. So, stick to your plan and learn all the needed skills to deal with the testwith flying colors.

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